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Swim Split is a coaching resource to improve your swim speed! Regardless of whether you race triathlons at the front, middle, or back of the pack (or have yet to race a triathlon), I can provide guidance to improve your confidence and performance.

There's a saying: "A great swim won't win a triathlon, but a bad swim can lose a triathlon." It's true.

Perfecting your swim technique takes time and patience. Swim speed is determined by both the efficiency of your technique, and how much power you can develop.

I'm Coach Steve; I've been an endurance sports competitor and coach for a long time. I meet many athletes that fear the swim and I completely understand. These are not athletes who fear the effort involved; these are athletes who fear the water and the crowded starts on race day—yet they still want to master the challenge. That's where a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction comes from.

Coaching is not effective unless it addresses your unique needs. Some began swimming as fearless kids, while others started as cautious adults. The older you were when you began, the longer the learning process takes, so I always take that into account when giving advice. Take time to read the articles on this website; some are simple while some are more advanced. If you have questions or seek coaching feel free to email me!

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